Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage Valentines

My mom posted about vintage valentines on her blog, and I was inspired to do the same! My mom actually obtained these valentines and passed them along to me. It's fun to keep them stored and take them out once a year - I have such a big stack it's nice to sit for an hour and read all the love notes and admire the beautiful colors (which have maintained their radiance, even 70 - 100 years later!).

Standing Valentines. You don't see this much detail anymore, al the perfect cut outs and moving pieces!

Beautiful illustrations and colors

I love the fern/flower/heart details!

Such cute poems inside. And you can still see the pretty details of the cut out borders
Maybe my favorite poem :)

Valentine before opening...

And after it's open, a standing ice skater!

A Valentine postcard - looks like someone added a little extra decoration!
I found this perfect little hankie in an envelope with one of the valentines. Is it not beautiful?!

Monday, January 14, 2013

New to my Shop: Jewelry

I started collecting a fair amount of jewelry for my Etsy store. I am very impressed by the quality of "costume" jewelry from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Most jewelry I have found has stood the test of time and the test of daily use! Costume jewelry from this time period seems to be made more like the more expensive jewelry of today - sturdy, well made, quality pieces.

For my wedding ceremony jewelry, I used my Grandma's wedding jewelry (She wasn't wearing the jewelry in the photos, but I'm sure she wore it for the celebration!). Some of the rhinestones were darker or discolored, so my mom took the earrings and necklace to a jeweler, who said it was the foil behind the rhinestones and it would cost xxx.xx dollars to fix... I don't mind the slight discoloration, and I think it adds to the charm. The jewelry is in the original box my Grandma bought the jewelry in - another reason why vintage costume jewelry is far beyond the costume jewelry of today (I guess it's not called costume jewelry anymore, but affordable jewelry? Non-precious jewelry? Honestly, I don't know!).

Here are two AMAZING finds of vintage costume jewelry I just posted to my Etsy store (I will definitely be posting more in the future!):

A pair of earrings that remind me of a peacock - long steel blue rhinestone "feathers" with turquoise and aurora borealis stones.

A pair of earrings that look like they just came off of a brides ears! They are so classy, clean and definitely stood up to the timelessness of the style.