Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Home Decoration Ideas

So, we bought our first home! We move in at the end of May! Although that seems like a short time away, the time is SLOWLY ticking by... every day seems longer than the last. I have been looking at new home decorations/crafts/home improvements ever since and I can't stop!

I have been pinning, googling, and searching on eBay and Etsy for the best items for our home. My mom bought me this rug for my birthday (which I was eyeing up for a few days and I got the last one!). Our hardwood floors in the living room and kitchen are blonde, so the rug will be tied in with that yellow feather color. For the past year or so, I have discovered the loveliness of brass (and I realized most people do not like brass.. I have seen more projects trying to cover up brass than actually display it's beauty). This is perfectly fine with me, because I have found several lovely brass items at the thrift stores, untouched and deeply discounted.

Theme colors for the new house:
Kitchen: aqua/caribbean blue, white, black/dark grey, dark hardwood (other than our floors).

A beautiful Indian Brass Peacock Bowl by LillyQueenVintage on Etsy
Living Room: Brass, dark hardwood (other than our floors), earth tones, and grey.

I would love this mirror for above the fireplace - art deco, brass style. From Anthropologie

Steve will be taking on some manly building projects:
  • building a coffee table
  • building a book shelf
  • eventually a kitchen table

and I will be doing a fair amount of crafting and decorating:
  • finish crocheting a huge chevron throw blanket
  • rewiring vintage lamps
  • crochet a huge rope doily rug, crochet a cotton bathmat

I don't expect to fully complete our house decorations within a month of moving in... although I get antsy, I know to make it the perfect home we are looking for, it's going to take time and patience. Plus, finding special, antique or vintage items will be much more important and loved than buying new.

Items to acquire in the next year or so:
  • a workbench or console table
  • a kitchen island with a dark hardwood top
  • a mirror for above the fireplace
  • lots of brass details - lamps, middle eastern figurines, bowls, and picture frames