Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Granny Square Experiment

I started to teach myself how to crochet last fall. Since then, I have SLOWLY progressed from making baby blankets that have a single stitch throughout to crazy different granny squares! Steve convinced me to buy this book, The Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden, and since then, I have become more confident with reading patterns and stitching new ways. Also inspiring is Craftyminx's (Dana) blog, "A Granny A Day" - a project where craftyminx is crocheting a different granny square every day for a year to make various blankets. She links all the patterns and is very dilligent about updating a pattern if the stitches are off, or adding more rows if it needs to be a certain size.

So, I've been making about a granny a day for the past two weeks. I bought six yarn colors in hopes to complete a full sized blanket by winter time. All but one yarn skein is Red Heart Super Saver (besides the dark blue, which is Caron). Here's my color scheme:
The green is almost the color of my bedroom walls, so I'm hoping when the blanket is big enough, it can become my go to blanket for making the bed. And as much as I want to add more pastels and pinks and purples, I'll refrain for Steve's sake.

I've completed about 15 granny squares so far. This one I made about 5 days ago:
It's a pattern I found from craftyminx (find her version here) and the actual pattern from DROPS Design (isn't that blanket they made beautiful?) Anywho, my square is by far not perfect (I can see two mistakes) but I've realized that none of those really matter when you stitch the whole blanket together.. especially because most of my flubbers are on the last row when I'm finishing off the whole square, whoops! So long story short, I'll probably be updating with some of my favorite squares or milestones along this project because I'm pretty darn proud of what I taught myself!