Tuesday, July 31, 2012

fish eye camera

it's rare when I remember to bring my fish eye camera somewhere (real film!), so I have a compilation of photos from the past year that I just got developed. There are NO one hour photos places in Philadelphia... everyone sends their photos away to be processed somewhere else, it's too bad.

One year ago from tomorrow, August 1st, I was on a flight to Miami, then on a 4 hour road trip with Steve and his 7 family members to Key West. Oh, it was beautiful! I forgot my film was black and white until I got it processed, but it was fun to see what I had on the camera!
Key West, Florida. Fort Zachery Taylor Historic State Park. August, 2011

Indiana! The cutest puppy alive :) June 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Grandma's Jewelry - Rings and Bracelets

I've been wanting to photograph and document my grandmother's jewelry for a while now. Since I started having memories of my Grandma E, these memories always included her jewelry. I think my first memory includes the story of why Grandma always wears clip-on earrings: she was too scared to get her ears pierced because her mother told her it would hurt too much and she would cry. Meanwhile, I didn't even wince when I got my ears pierced (my mom told me I could only get my ears pierced if I didn't cry... so I didn't!).
Speaking of crying, I cried my eyes out this past Saturday because I had 4 cavities filled (yuck). 3 of those 4 were drilled and filled without any Novocaine. Maybe my extra crying was making up for the no crying for my pierced ears.... or maybe having 3 teeth drilled without a local anesthetic was the reason....

I decided to break these post up into a few, since there is so much jewelry and so many beautiful photos. Here are some of Grandma's rings, ring dish, and bracelets.

Decorative, ornate gold toned rings.

I just learned that this is called a "Poison Ring".... what were you keeping in there, Grandma?!

A clear, glass ring holder. A gold toned wavy bracelet with pearl and turquoise beads.

Copper bracelets. The one on the right I very much so remember my Grandma wearing... I don't remember if it had something to do with health/balance, but she was always wearing these hammered copper bracelets.