Friday, May 25, 2012

New scarves... Summer Colors!

I'm so happy to post these vintage scarves I recently listed for sale in my Etsy shop  I have so much more to list, but I thought it was necessary to get the bright summer colors for sale first - I wish I could keep them all :)

This scarf by Burmel is amazing: super soft silk, and an amazing pattern in lemon and lime colors. Talk about neon colors for the summer! I can see a chic New York girl tying this around her head with a bow, but I could also see someone wearing this an an accessory to the Miami beaches. Oh, summertime!

This is a fantastic vintage silk scarf by Adrienne Vittadini. It has bright, bold summer colors: hot pink, newon orange, bright yellow, and a muted purple (to even out the bright colors!). It's also very soft and airy, working well as a small beach skirt since it's large enough (34" x 34"!).

Lastly, it's not summer without nautical prints. This vintage scarf by Leonardi features colors of cerulean blue (my favorite crayon color!) with teal and navy nautical knots. Now don't ask me how to tie a nautical knot, but everyone knows how to tie a fashionable scarf around their neck in summertime!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Card Making!

I've neglected making cards for a while now. I have spurts of creativity and the drive to make them, which is usually once every 6 months. Maybe I've also been a bit busier with so much wedding planning and all the different creative DIY projects I started for the wedding.

It's that time of year though... May: a million birthdays, a thousand graduations, many people moving, and... my birthday in two days!

Last night, I made a card for my friend who just finished grad school, and a card for a colleague who is moving back to Michigan for med school.

I also made a card for my friend/colleague who just finished her masters program. For the cards, I honestly pick fabric and/or card stock, cut out shapes as I think of them, sew when I think it's necessary to sew, and add embroidery floss as I see fit. I always thought it would be easier to plan out a card and be picky and thoughtful when it comes to fabrics and papers, but planning the design makes me upset - I feel like I have to stick to my original plan and I get angry when it doesn't turn out like my 2D drawing. Instead, I pick a pretty fabric and I start cutting. Oh, it works so much better and keeps me motivated!

I also broke out my Singer sewing machine since my mom had it cleaned and tuned up (like a year ago!). I have been using the sport machine, but for some reason, the bobbins run out really quick and I never remember how to put thread back on the bobbin.  That's why the older machines are for me: you can do a limited number of things with them (but the most important things).. sew forward, sew backwards, thread a bobbin. I don't need much else.