Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Designer Cartier Scarves

There is nothing better than coming across a beautiful, silky designer scarf. Here is a recent find, which I just posted in my Etsy store.

Such beautiful gemstone colors, Cartier always puts great details into the silk of their scarves. Check it out in my store here!

I found a Cartier scarf about 3 years ago... Look at the similar details! Sorry it's sold! :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

It has been a long time...

It has been a long time since I could dedicate free time towards my blog, but the time is here and I can successfully post with out feeling guilty that I am neglecting other duties.

I am recently inspired by colors, especially those in nature. I am sharing three photos I have taken recently, and my exploration to find those colors on the Pantone wheel.

This photo was from a sunset in Philadelphia - the wispy cloud reflecting the sunsets fading warmth - I love the feminine colors, almost like an ombre effect. I tried to find the colors that best represented this moment. I don't think I found exactly the right colors, but this was my first attempt!

This was from a sunset at my parents house. Do you see the neon pink in the sky?! I couldn't find the perfect neon pink, but the Pantone pink I chose seems to capture the abruptness of the color.

Lastly, a photo I didn't even know I was taking! I tried to get a photo of the sky while driving in New York (it was shining far in the distance), but when I reviewed the photo, I noticed the amazing colors on the basic red barn - great pattern and colors on the barn door. I really like the light grey/blue I picked for the sky, the dark army black I picked for the barn roof, and the taupe for the field plants popping through the snow.