Monday, July 2, 2012

Grandma's Jewelry - Rings and Bracelets

I've been wanting to photograph and document my grandmother's jewelry for a while now. Since I started having memories of my Grandma E, these memories always included her jewelry. I think my first memory includes the story of why Grandma always wears clip-on earrings: she was too scared to get her ears pierced because her mother told her it would hurt too much and she would cry. Meanwhile, I didn't even wince when I got my ears pierced (my mom told me I could only get my ears pierced if I didn't cry... so I didn't!).
Speaking of crying, I cried my eyes out this past Saturday because I had 4 cavities filled (yuck). 3 of those 4 were drilled and filled without any Novocaine. Maybe my extra crying was making up for the no crying for my pierced ears.... or maybe having 3 teeth drilled without a local anesthetic was the reason....

I decided to break these post up into a few, since there is so much jewelry and so many beautiful photos. Here are some of Grandma's rings, ring dish, and bracelets.

Decorative, ornate gold toned rings.

I just learned that this is called a "Poison Ring".... what were you keeping in there, Grandma?!

A clear, glass ring holder. A gold toned wavy bracelet with pearl and turquoise beads.

Copper bracelets. The one on the right I very much so remember my Grandma wearing... I don't remember if it had something to do with health/balance, but she was always wearing these hammered copper bracelets.