Thursday, March 21, 2013

Early Spring Yarn Inspiration

Last weekend, Steve and I spent the weekend in Manhattan and Brooklyn with my brother.  Being a nice brother as he is, we walked to a beautiful store (and a place my mom loves as equally), Purl Soho. While I always know how to pick out the best, softest, most beautiful yarn, I always have the knack to pick out the most expensive item in the store.  Although I would treat myself to an expensive skein every once in a while, I could only afford one at $22.50 and you can't do much with one skein of yarn!

Have you seen these new Liberty prints?! My imagination is running wild!

A picture I took of the Easter / Spring display in the Purl Soho window.

Such a beautiful window display!
While wandering Manhattan, by coincidence (I didn't even know this place existed!) we stumbled upon the Lion Brand Yarn Store one minute before it opened for the day. As I have a lot of Lion Brand yarn, it was nice to see it all together in one place. They had a lovely window display, too. All the flowers were made out of yarn (even that wine bottle!). Steve bought me a skein of pink yarn I wouldn't normally buy on my own. The pink yarn is to fix missing parts of his mom's wedding quilt, made by Mom mom.

And finally, a skein of Lion Brand yarn from Steve's brother this past Christmas. I've decided I'm going to try to knit (even though it looks incredibly difficult. Steve keeps reminding me "remember when you thought crocheting was horribly hard to do and you were going to give up?" Yeah yeah yeah. But look at those lovely vintage wooden knitting needles from my mom. I just can't resist their beauty with the navy blue yarn :)

I'm about to make myself an iced soy latte and knit. Hope you are feeling inspired today and the rest of this week!