Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cooking and baking

my favorite meal to make has to be risotto (or my mom's pizza, because it's the best pizza you'll ever have). but the risotto is fun too, because i feel like it's one of those dishes that is served in fancy restaurants and it can be messed up really easily... so if you can make a good risotto, chances are, you rule! so i must admit, i rule! this recipe for mushroom risotto is from the cookbook "Vegetarian Bible" (woah, $3 on B+N.com.. a steal!). I got the cookbook from my parents a few birthdays ago, and i love the cookbook for all the photos! i only made one yucky thing from there (an apple pumpkin soup or something, not a good combination in liquid form). so i cook this risotto really well, no white wine required.

and no meal is complete without dessert. a peach strawberry pie. possibly too many strawberries, but still yummy.