Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines day, part 2

and for more happenings... here's the dessert I made for Steve this evening :)

I had so much fun making the hearts and the X's and O's. I made them out of two sheets of cardstock, watercolors, glitter and toothpicks. for the hearts, I used the same amount of cardstock and sewed fabric along the edges. Oh it was messy and fun!
And I made a cherry pie to hold the X's and O's! Yummy!!

Steve bought me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries from Isgro's. And he's making me dinner tonight (not that him making dinner for me is out the ordinary, but it's always appreciated!) Here are my flowers:

and finally, I've become obsessed with the colors ivory, red and light blue/teal. (see: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTMwMTc4NTZ8MjEwMzg2MTI5NQ/light-fresh-fabulous?index=0 and see: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/228848/perfect-wedding-color-palette-red-and-aqua/@center/272434/plan-your-wedding-color). All the kitchen items in Martha Stewart's collection at Macy's are red and teal and I want EVERYTHING!! I thought today would be a great time to rock the red and teal colors! Using that new vintage Vera scarf, I coordinated everything else around it. I wore a simple ivory lace dress, black tights, black shoes, the Vera scarf, and red and blue nails. Alas, I needed a red belt and to my surprise, I didn't have one! So I made a belt really, really quick. We're talking 15 minutes here. Just a strip of fabric, a button, and a button hole. I can add more button holes later if I decide to wear it lower on my hips.

And for my nails, I painted them red with blue accents - hearts on my thumbs and a diagonal stripe on the side!

and finally, my outfit together, with my flowers!


Patricia said...

You look beautiful. The pie looks yummy and I love all the xoxoxoxox's.