Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recent finds...

I have been obsessed with chiffon and silk for a while now. I'm just now admitting it, though. I have about 5 chiffon blouses and 3 silk blouses I wear all week, every week. I can't get away from the silkly, flowy feel! and I'm quite alright with that.

I recently bought this Vera scarf from eBay. It's an aqua color with gold painted hearts on the border (Happy Valentine's day to me!). I knew it wasn't in great condition when I bought it, but I didn't expect it to have so many tears :( After doing some research, I realized it's one of the first scarves Vera made from the late 1940's. So, now it's more understandable that it has this many tears, since it's almost 65 years old! It's a bit too small to wear as a headband, but fits nicely around my neck. I am eyeing it up as "something blue" for my wedding. A hankie since I will probably be crying all my makeup off?

How do you like the vintage Vera scarf?

I also found this vintage Chanel scarf among about 60+ scarves I recently purchased. There's something in my blood (or the fact I love these silk and chiffon materials) that knows something is authentic when touching it. If you could only feel this Chanel scarf! It is SO soft, and has that imperfect quality or bumps that silk has. (when I found this ( Cartier scarf, I couldn't stop touching the silk, it was so amazing!). But this scarf is such a beauty, I would love to keep it and wear it, but I know someone else who has been trying to find a scarf like this one will be happy when I post it for sale!

On a much sadder note, Jason Wu's collection for Target came to stores on Sunday. So, I went in Monday afternoon to buy a shirt I have been eyeing up, and there were about 5 shirts left of the whole collection in the store (I bet there were over 200 items stocked on Sunday), and 1 of those happened to be the last of the shirt I wanted, and in my size! I snatched it off the rack and bought it right away. Once I got home, I was about to put it over my head when I realized there was a huge tear in the chiffon underneath one of the flaps. I screamed (Steve thought something serious happened, which it WAS serious in my book), and then had a frown on my face up until I returned it (no wait, who am I kidding, I'm still frowning). There is something about this blouse I just must have... a pink color I never wear/own, the subtle polka dots, the chiffon, the 1950's mod feel.... I snapped this photo before I parted ways... (by the way... just read the reviews online for the shirt, and half the ladies reviewing said they wore it once and when they took it off at the end of the day, there was a big rip on the back part, just where I found the rip... so not worth the $35... but now I know what I'm looking for style wise with my next blouse!)


Patricia said...

Jason Who? :) I love the new Target ads with his designs.