Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Card Making!

I've neglected making cards for a while now. I have spurts of creativity and the drive to make them, which is usually once every 6 months. Maybe I've also been a bit busier with so much wedding planning and all the different creative DIY projects I started for the wedding.

It's that time of year though... May: a million birthdays, a thousand graduations, many people moving, and... my birthday in two days!

Last night, I made a card for my friend who just finished grad school, and a card for a colleague who is moving back to Michigan for med school.

I also made a card for my friend/colleague who just finished her masters program. For the cards, I honestly pick fabric and/or card stock, cut out shapes as I think of them, sew when I think it's necessary to sew, and add embroidery floss as I see fit. I always thought it would be easier to plan out a card and be picky and thoughtful when it comes to fabrics and papers, but planning the design makes me upset - I feel like I have to stick to my original plan and I get angry when it doesn't turn out like my 2D drawing. Instead, I pick a pretty fabric and I start cutting. Oh, it works so much better and keeps me motivated!

I also broke out my Singer sewing machine since my mom had it cleaned and tuned up (like a year ago!). I have been using the sport machine, but for some reason, the bobbins run out really quick and I never remember how to put thread back on the bobbin.  That's why the older machines are for me: you can do a limited number of things with them (but the most important things).. sew forward, sew backwards, thread a bobbin. I don't need much else.