Friday, September 14, 2012

Finally time for scarf weather!

Five days ago, scarf weather began. The windows to my house have been opened and I can wear a blazer to work, sit in the sun at lunch, wear a scarf, and never be too warm. Hello, autumn! On Monday, I finally was able to wear a scarf my mother-in-law to be bought me on her trip to Paris in June (she gave it to me on a day it was 102 degrees and humid). She bought it from a small boutique called "Aspasie et Mathieu"  I just started recognizing the color pink as a color I could wear, and I'm happy I did (I'm currently wearing a pink plaid shirt and brought a pink tote to work... maybe too much pink?)
This is the scarf with the label from the store... I can't see an address and not look it up on Google Street View! Here's the store from a Google image taken in June 2008. I imagine I am that woman who is looking in the window, admiring the beautiful Parisian fashion. 

I just posted this AMAZING vintage YSL scarf in my etsy store - I'm constantly amazed by vintage silk and how it never ages - You definitely pay for what you get with designer silk scarves. Not to mention, the style hardly ever goes out of fashion. Look at those amazing bright colors!

I saw this in the Fashion 2013 issue of Harper's Bazaar, and suddenly I felt a bit more on trend :) Except this scarf is a bit more affordable... Chanel for $430, Louis Vuitton for $450 and Celine for $570! Eeeek!
"the foulard is taking top billing this fall, adding a quick pop of color to any ensemble"

I've had some fellow friends and colleagues look down upon my scarf wearing (to which I always think, "who cares?!"), like I'm a grandma... But I don't see your grandma rocking Yves Saint Laurent!