Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage Valentines

My mom posted about vintage valentines on her blog, and I was inspired to do the same! My mom actually obtained these valentines and passed them along to me. It's fun to keep them stored and take them out once a year - I have such a big stack it's nice to sit for an hour and read all the love notes and admire the beautiful colors (which have maintained their radiance, even 70 - 100 years later!).

Standing Valentines. You don't see this much detail anymore, al the perfect cut outs and moving pieces!

Beautiful illustrations and colors

I love the fern/flower/heart details!

Such cute poems inside. And you can still see the pretty details of the cut out borders
Maybe my favorite poem :)

Valentine before opening...

And after it's open, a standing ice skater!

A Valentine postcard - looks like someone added a little extra decoration!
I found this perfect little hankie in an envelope with one of the valentines. Is it not beautiful?!