Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vera Neumann Reissue Scarves at Target

I was excited to hear about the Vera Neumann reissue line at Target. After the line came out, I was a little disappointed  After I had time to think it over, I didn't think it was necessary to reissue the classics - have you ever searched for a Vera scarf on Google? I bet you could find the specific one you were looking for almost right away - eBay and Etsy have SO many vintage Vera scarves, you are bound to find the one you were looking for.

Today, when I searched for "vera scarf" on eBay, I had 1,338 hits.
When I searched for "vera scarf" on Etsy, I had 2,602 hits.

While I appreciate the bow to a classic designer, I just was a little disappointed in the quality. Here's a comparison of a Target reissue (left) and a vintage Vera from my shop (right).

The original Vera from my shop is a square shape made from silk and polyester and retails for $16
The reissue from Target is an oblong shape made from cotton and polyester and retails for $19.99

The original silk blend was substituted  for a cotton blend. And the square shape was transformed into an oblong. Personally, I would rather by the original, vintage classic. A scarf with a much longer history than myself. What do you think about these reissues?