Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Embroidery experiment

I bought these wooden hoops to experiment with embroidery about 6 months ago. Typical lag time with buying items and actually starting the project is approximately 6 months. So, here's the almost completed project. I bought three hoops, all different sizes. In the smallest, I made an anchor, in the largest is a tattoo-esque pirate ship, and in the medium size hoop is... nothing. I can't think of anything nautical that would go with the rest. Any ideas? Also, I didn't write anything in the banner on the pirate ship yet. It can probably be 5 characters long. Any ideas for that?
And perhaps I will stain the hoops. I think a nice, dark cherry wood color would be lovely. On the close up photos, please excuse the cat hair. It's near impossible to get it out. of anything.