Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chevron baby blanket

Many times, I look up a pattern with full anticipation that my finished product will turn out so much better with a real pattern with real results. Wrong. Usually after round 2 of crocheting a project, I realize the pattern is not right (or I'm not right) and I have to alter it to suit what I need it to be. Take this blanket I made for my nephew, Adam. I looked up a basic chevron blanket pattern from lion brand. While the general pattern worked well, the gauge was not right (when I was using the proper hook size) and the blanket was to be the width of half my arm. Good for a baby doll maybe, not a human. Anywho, I altered it to suit my needs, and it worked well (I think).
The yarn is Caron's super soft yarn (and it is super soft!) and the colors go so well together. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated, probably 16-18 hours total. I was working on it on the 5 hour car ride home for Christmas (until the sun set and I couldn't see anymore) and I worked on it for about 30 minutes on Christmas eve night seconds before I wrapped it. SO MUCH CROCHETING TO DO! (I'm now taking a bit of a break...)

I made this blanket with full intentions of this being Adam's security blankie.. who didn't have one?? Since we live so far apart I wanted Adam to know that every time he hugs his blanket, he is hugging his Auntie :)


nel2 said...

i love my blankie, auntie k!