Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace

I really like the new trend of these necklaces - collar chain necklaces!

I bought this necklace recently because I really liked the interlinking loops and the necklace has a nice weight to it. I bought it from Urban Outfitters on sale for $24.99. While I didn't mind paying that much for something I knew I couldn't make myself, other simple collar chain necklaces shouldn't be priced this much unless they are made from precious metal. I've seen tons of simple peter pan collar necklaces online - Etsy sellers, Forever 21 (which would probably break in two uses), Free People ($498 for a chain, non-precious metal!).

If you have some necklace chains laying around, you can easily make this peter pan collar necklace! If you don't have a long chain, go to your local thrift store- I'm sure you can find a simple chain for less than $2. The necklace I'm making is close to a choker size, so take that into consideration when making if you want it to sit lower on your chest.

For the necklace, you will need:
-A chain of your choice, at least 33" long, with a clasp and loop
-Three small O rings (I used extra rings from other necklaces I wasn't using)
-Ruler/Fabric measuring tape
-Needle nose pliers

Here's the template for the necklace. It might help to draw this template on paper with exact measurements, then place your chain over the drawing to get exact sizes!

1. Measure a 17" long piece of chain and use the needle nose pliers to unhook the extra chain from the 17" piece.
2. Using the remaining leftover chain, measure two 8" pieces and use the needle nose pliers to break free these pieces from the rest of the chain. Set the extra chain piece to the side, as you don't need it anymore.
3. Using the long, main piece of chain, measure the exact middle between ends. If you are using the 17" chain size, the exact middle would be 8.5" in from the end.
4. After finding the middle, attach one of the O rings in this middle. Before closing the loop, tread in both of the 8" pieces. Then using the needle nose pliers, close the O ring.
5. Lastly, measure 2" from the end towards the middle (or 6.5" from the middle O ring towards the ends), and add another O ring at this spot. Add the other end of one of the 8" chains to this loop. Close the loop with the needle nose pliers.
6. Repeat step 5 with the other 8" chain on the other size, using the third O ring.

I made two of these necklaces. This one is in a thicker, interlocking gold loop chain:

The other one I made is in a simple, gold chain that had some black tarnish on it (which I thought looked cute).

I love the way these necklaces look with both collared shirts and shirts without collars! You can button your shirt all the way up if it has a collar and wear the necklace over your shirt. Most of all, have fun making the necklace - it makes great gifts, too :)