Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage Designer Purses! - Dooney & Bourke

It's super rare when you find fabulous designer purses in almost pristine condition. I hit the jackpot! I found two Dooney and Bourke leather purses, both in awesome condition.

The first is a super rare shape/style, made early in the 1980's by the starting up company. It still has the original tag attached - why someone didn't use this purse beats me. It's a beautiful military green color with tan trim and the leather is SO soft.

Find this purse on my Etsy page, here!!

The other purse I found is a more classic shape, the tack bag, in navy leather with tan trim. Another vintage purse in fabulous condition, and the cute all weather leather duck on the brass fob.
Find this navy Dooney and Bourke purse here!!!

I wish I could keep these purses, they are so fabulous, but I know someone has been looking for something similar, so snatch them up while they are on my site :)