Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Dress Form (Or Mannequin...)

I finally found one! I got a dress form for my craft room, to help with photographing my Etsy items!

Okay, so it's not really a dress form... maybe for Barbie, not me. It was used as a clothing display mannequin at J.Crew in Center City Philadelphia. A friend of a friend works for a cleaning company and J.Crew was throwing out ALL of their mannequins. The base on this puppy is awesome, super heavy duty black metal with an (un-functional) cool pedal, and the body moves easily up and down the base. Plus, it's on wheels!! Already Happy about the wheels, I can photograph the front, roll quickly and photograph the back in a snap.

Really, throwing all of these out? Thankfully, the friend of a friend decided to keep all 40 of these and resell them.

I got a great deal, and I already re-photographed some of my Etsy items :) Like this 80's sweater vest that looks SO much better on a body rather than a hanger... Darn oversized 80s...

I've always wanted to set out my next day outfit on a mannequin, and I think I'll start doing that!


Patricia said...

WOW!!! That is so amazing to get a dress form!!! WOW!!! Your new pictures for your shop look amazing!

ktrip said...


I absolutely love this form. Does your friend of a friend still have some for sale? I would love to buy one!