Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grunge Autumn - Fashion Post #1

With the changing of the seasons, I like to change my fashion style with it. Each summer, I've been committed to "metal summer [inset year here]" and I've been sad to see each metal summer go (metal meaning I wear high waisted black cut off jeans/shorts, bra bandeaus with cut off metal band t-shirts, heavy jewelry, occasional studded items, solid colored tees, and flats).

So for the fall, I've decided to dress 90s grunge with a modern update. Also, I need the grunge look to be suitable for work, since I'm there five days a week. What's the point of changing your style if you can't be a working woman, too?!

For the next few weeks, I wanted to reach out to my fashion side and show you some stylings and how much they cost to add some new "grunge" items to your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to get creative, too. I already asked my mom to find my sisters early 90s jean jacket, but she couldn't find it anywhere! Now thinking about it, my sister would wear everything 8 sizes too big, so it probably would have been down to my knees. I'll just have to go on the hunt at thrift stores.

Here's an outfit I wore yesterday. While it may not be work appropriate for your work place, my work is a little more relaxed (or I just dress like this and no one has ever said anything). But you can always alter the look to suit your purposes.

While Steve was trying on a suit for the wedding,  I captured this photo!

Here's a better photo of the outfit, modified a bit:

Tunic: vintage silk paisley earth tone tunic, purchased from Ania's shop alacloth on etsy - from her sale section for $12 - really a great deal for such lovely silk!

Belt: handed down from my mom - free

Black leggings: on sale at urban outfitters: $6.99

Black chain collar necklace: on sale at Urban Outfitters - $24.99

Marbled tan socks: Marshall's - $3.99

Black "Revenge" boots: Macy's on sale - $35

TOTAL: $82.97
Seems like a hefty total, but for staple pieces like the black boots, it's completely worth the extra cash.

Now about this belt from my mom... I have a very faint memory of her wearing this belt, but when I found it in her closet a few years ago, she insisted I take it because it reminded her of the 80s too much. This belt does NOT look 80s to me at all. It looks super bohemian-chic and definitely my favorite waist-cincher. Sifting through your mom, grandma, aunt, etc closets will not only find you treasures, but your family members probably don't want those items anymore and would be happy you're finding a new use for them.

If you find a belt like this, do not put it in your carry on luggage. I brought it on a flight a year ago and security had to pull Steve and I aside because they told us it was serious and it looks like we had a few knives. I certainly did not bring it on the returning flight and had my sister mail it back to me.

And don't you just love the detail of that tunic? The colors are great for fall! Pairing the bohemian tunic and belt with black leggings, a heavy black necklace and tall black boots bring the outfit back down from flowers/happiness to a level of grunge and authority.