Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grunge Autumn - Fashion Post #2

Following with my last post, here's another outfit I absolutely love, and follows the grunge style basics.

Floral Tank Dress: Handmade, thrifted- $3.90

Black Cardigan: Given to by mom- free

Suede Tan Vintage Purse: thrifted- $4

Tan Crochet Circle Scarf: made by me, yarn as a gift- free

Studded Tan Boots: from Urban Outfitters sale - $24.00

(Same tan socks and necklace from last post)
Socks: Marshall's - $3.99

Necklace: Urban Outfitters sale - $24.99

TOTAL: $60.88
(the necklace was the most expensive item!, so without this necklace, the outfit totals $35.89!)

I love these studded boots. I bought them after they went on sale at Urban Outfitters in 2010. Surprisingly, they are still holding up after two winters, and the weathering on the front of the shoe looks great.
 I made this scarf from yarn my brother bought me from Purl Soho in Manhattan this past May. I've been wanting to make a super soft circle scarf that would match most my clothing. This alpaca yarn is SO soft and was quick to make up, I made up this pattern and it turned out great.

The cardigan was given to me by my mom. Seriously, don't under estimate your loved one's closets. My mom bought this from Marshall's several years ago, and it didn't fit her. Marshall's has great designer brands for cheap prices (especially on clearance). Sometimes, you have to go more than once or twice if you're looking for something in particular, but sometimes that's the fun of it :)

And, this dress! I actually posted about it in June, find that post here. It's a handmade dress in a floral print that I luckily found at a thrift store! It's big, so it needs to be belted when worn, but it's worth it! Nicely, the dress is midi length and conservative tank sleeves, great for work!
Floral prints are a grunge staple - scavenge your local thrift stores, you will definitely find something!

Lastly, this suede purse - oh it's so soft and has cute gold tabs on the side. It's a nice hobo that fits across one shoulder, and it is big enough for me to bring to work. Plus, it was only $4 at a thrift store for quality suede.


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